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Inviting users to become your members

Please click on Invite new members to invite your physical Organization's members to become your members in the website.

What is a member?

This depends on your Organization. Some examples:
  • University teachers/students
  • NGO volunteers
  • Company staff
  • etc

What happens when my Organization has members?

If they have privilege Contribute content on, whenever they post any content in the website (eg: a new event, article, project, etc) will also show up under your Organization's profile. If this privilege is off, they will just appear under "My members"

Editing current members' status

The users listed below have declared themselves to be members of your Organization. You can click on "Edit Membership" to edit the settings for each one of them:
  • Status:
    Active if the user is truly your member, or Rejected otherwise.
    Rejected users will not appear as your Organization's members, or contribute content.
  • Privileges:
    Contribute content will add the member's content to your profile.
  • Tags:
    What is the type of relationship from this member to your Organization.
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